Serene Living Diffuser Breezy

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  • Color Changing
  • Naturally Freshens with Essential Oil
  • Cool Mist Aroma Diffusion
  • Serene Living®

Sleek and Understated

The Breezy is great for those who need a reliable workhorse diffuser. It will deliver the natural benefits of essential oils in any space for up to 12 hours.


The Benefits of Diffusing Oils

Essential oils are natural, extracted plant essences and are beneficial to your wellness, especially when used in an ultrasonic diffuser. When misted, the potent aromatic effects permeate the room giving an emotional boost to help you make it through the day.

Try a Serene Living diffuser with your favorite oil.


Capacity: 110 ml

Run time: up to 4 hours

Operating modes: continuous/off

Light modes: rotating colors/fixed colors/off

Color change: blue, green, purple, red

Coverage: 400 sq ft

Power: USB