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Renew life First Cleanse Kit 15 day program

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First Cleanse is designed specifically for first time cleansers or “sensitive” individuals. First Cleanse cleanses the entire body with a formula that is gentle, yet strong enough to be effective. It eases the body into cleansing.

First Cleanse is a 15 day, two part herbal cleanse formulated specifically for the ‘first time’ or ‘sensitive’ cleanser. It is designed to gently stimulate the cleansing and detoxification process of the body’s 7 channels of elimination: the liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin, and lymphatic system.

First Cleanse is strong enough to be effective, yet gentle enough that it will not cause ‘cleansing reactions’ which may occur when performing a more advanced cleanse. Cleansing reactions include mild headaches, nausea, and flu like symptoms that occur if you detoxify too quickly.

First Cleanse has a very gentle action on the colon. It does not contain laxative herbs such as casgara sagrada or senna. It also does not contain magnesium hydroxide, which is used to hydrate the colon in more advanced cleanses.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are suffering from constipation, you will want to (a) try Renew Life's advanced cleansing product CleanseSMART, and skip First Cleanse or (b) take Renew Life's CleanseMORE product as needed along with First Cleanse.