Prairie Naturals Omega 3 Force with Lemon 180 + 20

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Boost brain, heart and joint health with Prairie Naturals Omega-3-Force!

With just one capsule daily, it’s easy and economical to make certain you’re getting enough omega-3 fatty acids every day. Prairie Naturals Omega-3-Force is a high potency omega-3 supplement providing an equal ratio of EPA (360 mg) and DHA (360) fatty acids from purified omega-3 fish oils. Experience the hundreds of proven health advantages of omega 3 fatty acids by choosing Prairie Naturals Omega-3-Force. This pharmaceutical grade, molecularly distilled super fish oil blend (anchovy, sardine, cod & tuna) has been tested to ensure purity.

  • Provides equal ratio of EPA (360 mg) & DHA (360) fatty acids
  • Super-Fish Oil Blend (anchovy, sardine, cod & tuna)
  • Boosts brain, heart & joint health
  • Molecularly distilled & purified
  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Highest potency available
  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • One-a-day softgel