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Holistic Health Consultation

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Once purchased you will receive a confirmation email with an invitation to book your appointments on your schedule - 

 (2x1 Hour Appointments )

Your health journey starts with YOU. We will get to the root cause of your body’s

  • We begin with a full evaluation questionnaire of all of your health goals, your
  • health concerns and symptoms.
  • You will be sent a questionnaire, once completed we will set up another appoinement
  • Detecting your body’s imbalances is our focus to correct and set up a plan for a healthier you.

    This is perfect for those who:

    • have general wellness or nutrition concerns (you want to make sure you're
    on the right track)
    • are unsure what's going on, but something needs to change
    • have new food allergies or diet concerns and need some guidance
    • have just started a new exercise plan
    • want a personalized action plan to get to your health goals
    Remaining appointments will booked after your first appointment.

    This is the best way to make lasting changes and teach you how to become healthy.