Now Peace & Harmony Essential Oil Blend 30 ml

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NOW Essential Oils Peace & Harmony Blend is a calming, centering blend of essential oils like Peppermint, Patchouli and more. Take it anywhere you need peace and harmony.

  • Calming Blend
  • 100% Pure Essential OIls
  • Aroma: Minty floral herb
  • Attributes: Centering, calming, balancing
  • Extraction Method: Orange Oil -- Cold Pressed, Peppermint Oil, Patchouli Oil, Lavender Oil & Basil Oil -- Steam Distilled
  • Purity Tested/Quality Assured
  • Hexane free
Directions: Add to a diffuser, or create a room mister by adding 30 drops to 30 mL of water in a spray bottle. It can also be added to a carrier oil for massage. Massage Oil Dilution Ratio: 30 mL of carrier oil to 10-30 drops of essential oil blend.

Ingredients: Peppermint Oil, Patchouli Oil, Orange Oil, Lavender Oil, Basil Oil.