Lorna Vanderhaeghe DigestSmart 90 caplets

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Full Spectrum Digestive Enzymes

What to expect from this product:
  • Facilitates proper digestion
  • Reduces gas and bloating
  • Improves absorption of nutrients
  • Eliminates heartburn due to inadequate digestion
  • Controls some food allergies
  • Easy to swallow caplets



When we are young, digestive enzymes break down the food we eat into proteins, fats and carbohydrates which provide nutrition for the body. But as we age the body’s digestive abilities start to deteriorate leading to gas, bloating, food that is not broken down properly, nutritional deficiencies and inflammatory conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. Fortunately, enzyme supplements like DIGESTsmart make it possible to enhance digestive health. Each digestive enzyme helps to break down different types of food:

When our digestive system is functioning optimally it produces enzymes in response to the foods we eat. We can also obtain enzymes from the raw fruits and vegetables we eat. When the body fails to produce adequate levels of digestive enzymes we develop heartburn, acid reflux, cramping, burping, bloating, flatulence, constipation and poor absorption of nutrients. Fortunately we can take enzymes in supplement form to enhance the body’s digestive capabilities.

A double-blind, crossover study published in Digestive Diseases and Sciences confirmed the efficacy of digestive enzyme supplements at providing optimal digestion. Healthy volunteers consumed a high-calorie, high-fat meal either with a digestive enzyme or a placebo. Gastrointestinal symptoms were recorded for the following 17 hours. The group taking the enzymes had a significant reduction in bloating, gas and the feeling of fullness.

DIGESTsmart is convenient and can be taken with food. It does not need to be taken 1/2 hour before meals like other digestive enzymes.