Innovite Muscle Rescue 180 gr

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Lean muscle mass naturally begins to decline between the ages of 30-40, with up to  8% muscle loss per decade. The rate almost doubles – up to 15% per decade - after the age of 70. Illness or injury also contribute to accelerated muscle loss. The result could impede metabolism, mobility and balance – affecting your strength and energy to do the activities you enjoy doing most.

Not all muscle building formulas are created equal. MuscleRescue™  is clinically proven to: reverse  muscle loss - even with limited exercise; have 2X MORE muscle building action versus whey protein; and show 800% increase in strength during surgical recovery.

Essential amino acids (EEAs) are required in a specific ratio and amount to help with energy production and muscle metabolism as well as building new muscle tissue and assisting with cell repair, which occurs when muscles are recovering. Exercise and aging reduce a body’s ability to rebuild muscles and the body does not replace amino acids naturally. MuscleRescue™  is powered by Reginator®, a patented, clinically proven optimized vegan blend of  EAAs. Backed up with over 20 years of research, 24 human trials (published and in-process) and 500+ publications. MuscleRescue™ is perfect for those over the age of 30-40, especially  vegans and the lactose intolerant, looking to maintain or easily build more muscle. Also excellent support for those with medical conditions or injuries who have limited mobility.