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12-week program centered around real food for real health.

Are you ready to lose weight the healthy way and train your body to keep it off? Do you like the idea of healthy choices and sustainable weight loss? No more fad diets, no more confusion, Its time to do this right!

Imagine your life with lots of energy and low stress…it all starts with healthy choices. This is a realistic eating plan which can help you achieve moderate, steady weight loss – the best way to lose weight and keep it off!

This Program Focuses On:
• Reconnecting to what your body needs.
• Making healthy choices.
• Learning how to start the day healthy and keep on track.
• Easy to follow, flexible strategies to develop healthy habits.

What's Included:

Initial consult and health history. End of the program consult.

• Bi - Weekly appointments via phone or zoom
• Menu plans for 8 weeks – whole-foods plant-based menus that work.
• Healthy Recipes - Grocery Lists
• Educational materials – sources for the best information about your health
• Emails – information, guidance, helpful hints and tips.

This is the program for you if:
• You have made changes to your diet but can’t lose weight.
• You are feeling confused over which foods to eat to feel nourished and lose weight at the same time.
• You want to eat healthy but are not sure what to do or how to begin.
• You are having a hard time staying on track and keeping motivated.
• You’ve started diets and ended up feeling frustrated, gained the weight back.
• You need accountability in order to stay on course.
• You feel ready to make a change and want a plan that is easy to follow.

The rewards:

• Improved health & vitality achieved naturally and real results that actually last.

• Good health, high energy, glowing skin, your ideal weight.

• Realistic programs to follow to gain and maintain a healthy body weight. Good health, high energy, glowing skin, your ideal weight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carolyn Lawrence
Getting my Life and my weight back on track

I have also been overweight all my life. I have tried virtually every weight loss scheme under the sun but I was keeping things under control to a certain extent by way of my active occupation but then I quit smoking. As well, I ended up with medical issues that curtailed my activity and then retired which didn't help either. My medical issues have been mostly resolved but the weight remained. Linda has been instrumental in helping me get my life and my weight back on track. I will be forever grateful for your advice and help on this journey. Still have a ways to go but I am excited to see what the future brings!!

Val Dennison
Healthy Weight Loss Program - Awesome

Thank you so much Linda for offering your wonderful services. Through the recipes, the guidance and weekly accountability weigh ins, I have had great success with Linda's program. I feel more energetic, my cells look healthier and I have lost 20 pounds and kept it off for over six months. I do not feel as hungry, as I am feeding my body with healthy foods that satisfy my cravings. Linda is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I would absolutely recommend New Roads Nutrition to anyone looking to improve their health. Linda, I appreciate all you have done to improve my overall health and well being. Thank you so much!!

debbie baronit
The helping hand I needed

Since I joined your program, you have helped me not only with menu planning but you've also helped to coach me in managing my expectations and attitude toward "healthy" weight loss. I have found that being accountable to you helps to keep me on track. Your knowledge base far exceeds that of a nutritionist: the added bonus of all of your other teaching skills has been a boon for me. Thanks!

Exceptional program

You are exceptional. You have so much to offer: original ideas, authentic advice, real talent,
undeniable strength, true caring and amazing knowledge. You are a unique blend of even more
great qualities that makes you someone to respect, admire, seek out and turn to. The health you
have given me has changed my life. Thank goodness for you being you and changing lives.

Thank you for making a difference in my life

I have been overweight for most of my life. I’ve tried every diet and weight loss club that you can think of, when I lost weight I always gained it back and more. I am also diabetic and take insulin which doesn’t help my with loss. My weight was 343 and I ended up in the hospital with heart and kidney problems.

I had to lose weight or my life. I saw a notice about New Roads Nutrition and the Healthy Weight
Loss program. My husband and I went for an appointment with the nutritionist Linda Jefferson.
She took us through the whole program and we decided that it might be what I needed. I joined
the program, I received the plan, recipes, and a lot of information I could use to become

I was following her program and my weight was dropping each week when I weighted in. I was
down 25 lbs and I felt I needed to continue and so I signed on for another 8 more weeks, and I
kept losing. I have lost a total of 52 lbs . I have a long way to go and with Linda’s help I will
reach a goal that I am happy with. Thank you Linda for making a difference in my life. I could not
have done it with out you.

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