Healthy Weight Loss Management Program

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Healthy Weight Loss Management Program 

Are you ready to lose weight the healthy way and train your body to keep it off?  Do you like the idea of healthy choices and sustainable weight loss? no more fad diets, no more confusion, Its time to do this right!

Imagine your life with lots of energy and low stress…it all starts with healthy choices.  This is a realistic eating plan which can help you achieve moderate, steady weight loss – the best way to lose weight and keep it off!

The Healthy Weight Loss Management Program is an 12-week program that focuses on real food for real health.

This program is about:

•  Reconnecting to what your body needs.

•  Making healthy choices.

•  Learning how to start the day healthy and keep on track.

  Easy to follow and flexible.

The rewards:  good health, high energy, glowing skin, your ideal weight.

Here’s what you get:

*  Weekly informational appointments.

*  Menu plans for 8 weeks – whole-foods plant-based menus that work.

*  Healthy Recipes - Grocery Lists

*  Educational materials – sources for the best information about your health

*  Emails – information, guidance, helpful hints and tips.

This is the program for you if:

* You have made changes to your diet but can’t lose weight.

* You are feeling confused over which foods to eat to feel nourished and lose weight at the same time.

* You want to eat healthy but are not sure what to do or how to begin.

* You are having a hard time staying on track.and keeping motivated.

* You’ve started diets and ended up feeling frustrated, gained the weight back.

* You need accountability in order to stay on course.

* You feel ready to make a change and want a plan that is easy to follow.

The reward:  good health achieved naturally and real results that actually last.

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