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Back To Earth Sweet Pea Herbal Healing Cream 120 ml

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Sweet Pea Herbal (baby bum balm) Balm is 'the balm', as it works immediately as an anti-inflammatory, aids in the healing of diaper rash, cuts, bites, scrapes & most other skin irritations.

Originally created as Sweet Pea Baby 'Bum' Balm, for baby's tender bottoms, it became a product with endless, very successful, 'tried and true' uses. Not only safe as a pregnant belly balm, but depending on the dryness of the skin, it can be used as a day salve, or a night moisturizer for dry, aging skin. As an added bonus, use Sweet Pea for minor burns, cuts, scratches, insect bites, stings, and rashes. 

Ingredients - Organic olive oil, Canadian Colloidal Glacial Clay, beeswax, infused organic flowers of calendula, arnica, lavender, chamomile & comfrey, non-GMO vitamin E and 100% pure essential oil of lavender.