Your health journey starts with you. We will get to the root cause of your body’s
We start with a full evaluation questionnaire of all of your health goals, your
health concerns and symptoms.
We will complete a full blood analysis and you will received a full protocol to help
you achieve a healthier lifestyle.
Detecting your body’s imbalances. Live blood work involves magnifying a single
live drop of blood, taken from a fingertip.
We can detect warning signs of illness by studying the shape and functioning of
the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and fibrin.

Some of the things we can see are: 

the cellular health of the red blood cells, which may be indicative of your nutritional status

· delayed or incomplete digestion of fats, proteins and/or starches
· bowel toxicity
· we cannot diagnose a specific illness or condition with this technique but can
assess where you are on the health continuum.

This is perfect for those who:

• have general wellness or nutrition concerns (you want to make sure you're
on the right track)
• are unsure what's going on, but something needs to change
• have new food allergies or diet concerns and need some guidance
• have just started a new exercise plan
• want a personalized action plan to get to your health goals

Remaining appointments will booked after your first appointment. This is the best way to make lasting changes and train your body how to become healthy.        Note: All programs are non-refundable


When you understand how your body works, you can optimize your weight loss
efforts and shed pounds forever. This proven weight loss program will help you
permanently improve your body composition and learn how to make healthy
choices for life.
Are you ready to lose some weight the healthy way?  Do you like the idea of no more fad diets, no more confusion, healthy choices, and sustainable weight loss?  Its time to do this right. 

Imagine your life with lots of energy and low stress…it all starts with healthy choices.  Here is a realistic eating plan which can help you achieve moderate, steady weight loss – the best way to lose weight and keep it off!

The Healthy Weight Loss Management Program is an 12-week program that focuses on real food for real health.

This program is about:

•  Reconnecting to what your body needs.

•  Making healthy choices.

•  Learning how to start the day healthy and keep on track.

  Easy to follow and flexible.

The rewards:  good health, high energy, glowing skin, your ideal weight.

Here’s what you get:

*  Weekly informational appointments.

*  Menu plans for 8 weeks – whole-foods plant-based menus that work.

*  Healthy Recipes  - Grocery Lists

*  Educational materials – sources for the best information about your health

*  Emails – information, guidance, helpful hints and tips.

This is the program for you:

* Have you made changes to your diet but can’t lose weight.

* Are you feeling confused over which foods to eat to feel nourished and lose weight at the same time.

* You want to eat healthy but are not sure what to do or how to begin, having a hard time staying motivated and on track.

* You’ve started diets and ended up feeling frustrated, gained the weight back.

* You need accountability in order to stay on track.

* You feel ready to make a change and want a plan that is easy to follow.

The reward:  good health achieved naturally and real results that actually last. Note: All Programs are non-refundable


As a Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner (CHCP) I will take you through a
process that will help you understand how nutrition, lifestyle changes and body,
mind, spirit approaches will help to improve your life. Learn how to eat to
increase the body’s ability to fight disease, enjoy boundless energy and good
Cancer education gives people with cancer and their friends and family the
chance to learn more about cancer, its treatment and how it effects ones lives. Note: All programs are non-refundable



What does your body need? Do you have symptoms? Do you have nutritional deficiencies? Are you taking the right supplements? 

Each of us is biochemically unique. Fingerprints, voices, outward appearances — all differ from person to person. Our nutritional needs differ also. No two bodies react to the same nutritional intake in exactly the same way. We all have different metabolism and so have different nutrient requirements.