Holistic Nutrition

My name is Linda Jefferson, I am a Registered
Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP) Certified Holistic
Cancer Coach (CHCP), and certified in Dark Field Microscopy, live blood analysis.

I created New Roads Nutrition in 2008, with a focus on
working with clients to reduce Inflammation and Pain from the Inside Out. Inflammation can be the root cause of so many health issues.

It has been many years, that I suffered with inflammation and pain in my arms and most of my body. I looked for help from Dr.s and nothing was working and finally I decided to try holistic health.

So I started studying health and going to other holistic practitioners for myself and my family. I received my degree in Holistic Nutrition and I soon realized that balancing the whole body is key to health, and now that is what I can teach you, healing from the Inside Out. Over the years I have learned that you need help and guidance to heal your body and I am here for you.

So where do you being? So we start at the beginning. I offer a FREE discovery call to give you options of programs and offer you help to lead a healthier life. We create your own unique road map to optimal health focusing on nutrition, exercise, & lifestyle.

I provide extensive support to my clients, helping them achieve their goals of gaining and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

I will be with you every step of the way through your journey to a healthier you.

"Best of Health"

Linda Jefferson

Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic nutritionists have a broader view of nutrition. We asses our clients nutritional deficiencies, taking into consideration the influence of environment, busy lifestyles, fitness and many other variables. We design client focused whole food menus and programs to help them correct their nutrition and nutritional deficiencies. 

By wisely investing in your health and nutrition for the long term, you will learn to achieve balance in all areas of your life. I believe that a healthy eating plan and an active lifestyle, requires commitment and dedication. To help ensure successful results and keep you motivated, I offer unlimited emailing, and continuous support throughout your program and after.  I offer a complimentary 1/2 hour introduction appointment to explain all your services and answer any questions so you can make the right choice for your journey to a healthier you.