Positive Changes

Many of us are ready for change when the new year arrives. It just feels right. The New Year is beginning, and personal challenges often seem appropriate. However, if we’re not realistic about the challenges we take on, we run the risk of disappointing ourselves and spoiling our best efforts to effect positive change in our lives.

When I think of positive change, I think of the ways I’d like to be healthier and live a positive productive life. Lifestyle changes are hard sometimes but not when you have support. It’s all about balance, eating healthy, exercise, less stress, relaxing and more.

When you are looking for weight loss, exercise program or just getting back on track to becoming healthier, look for professional help. The internet has a lot of confusing information and what do you choose and will it last.

At New Roads Nutrition we offer healthier lifestyles, positive change, support and guidance. Our programs give you the tools to create a healthier lifestyle that will give you the life you want. We work with you every step of the way.

The phrase “you are want you eat “ means that it is important to eat good food in order to be healthy and fit, the question is what you are eating is this best for you. We take a scientific approach to your food list and give you better options.

Research finds out plates lacking in the number of essential nutrients, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins C, A and D. Many are take supplements not just to make up for what we’re missing, but also because we hope to give ourselves an extra health boost - a preventive buffer to ward off disease. When taking supplements you will get information when the best time of day is better, and guidance so you don’t have any interactions with other things you are taking.

Best of Health Linda Jefferson