Housecleaning for a Greener Home

Your body is your temple, and most of us take great care in what we put into it and what it is exposed to. But there’s another temple that requires care to keep us healthy – our homes.

We spend a large part of our lives in these personal safe havens, investing time and effort every day into maintaining them.

Whether we’re washing up after dinner, purging our closets, or cleaning the bathroom – one thing is certain: housekeeping is an ongoing process. Unfortunately, some less than healthy housecleaning practices are often overlooked in many homes.

Cleaners for almost every purpose are heavily marketed for their power foam scrubbing/ germ killing/ whitening and brightening abilities – but what’s not mentioned is the potentially harmful effects some of their ingredients can have on our health and the environment.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but a few simple strategies can help get you started on keeping a clean and tidy house that also supports good health.

Countless cleaning products are formulated for everyday messes that inevitably happen around the home, with Canadians spending nearly $2.3 billion on household products each year.

So, do we really know what we’re getting when we buy some of these products? The labelling of cleaning products in Canada has been questioned, in terms of transparency and safety. But, one look at the list of unpronounceable ingredients and cautionary disclaimers on product labels points to the fact that many products could be toxic and are likely not good for us or our environment.

It’s important to remember that the products we choose leave residues on countertops, dishes and even in the air, exposing us to substances we didn’t intend to have much contact with that can potentially contribute to a variety of health issues.

There’s also the environment to consider. What goes down the drain, doesn’t just disappear, and your seemingly benign dishwashing soap is a notable example of this. Many contain prominent levels of phosphates, which damage aquatic ecosystems by promoting algal blooms that kill aquatic life.

The best way to avoid these potentially harmful toxic ingredients is to carefully read labels and opt for greener alternatives. 

I highly recommend Attitude Cleaning products, Laundry soaps. They work great and help keep out homes chemical free and our water ways. 


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